Creating resilience to face the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela

The authors of this story, Miriam, Susana and Holy Castillo Perdigón, GFSC volunteers, narrate the work carried out by them with teachers from the Universidad Catolica Santa Rosa, in Caracas, between May and June 2019. The purpose of the intervention was to train teachers as multipliers capable of leading the psychosocial and resilience strengthening of their educational community, to more effectively face the challenges of the social, economic and political crisis that the country is experiencing. At the end of this intervention, the participants proposed various projects to multiply the GFSC model not only in the Educational Community of the  University, but also in the communities of residence of some teachers. According to the authors, the GFSC Crisis-Change-Election Model is a good option to face the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, turning it into an opportunity to strengthen and grow as people.

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