GFSC offers workshops for facilitators and other professionals as well as agencies and organizations serving their communities. GFSC also trains local community leaders as facilitators to assist their communities long term, after crises or disasters. Key workshop objectives include:

  • Facilitating Psychosocial and Recovery Processes After a Disaster or Crisis
  • Building Community Resilience
  • Helping Helpers to Help Themselves and Others


GFSC gives support to the trained facilitators in their first interventions with the affected communities, and posterior virtual mentoring in their work with the communities. We maintain a network of trained facilitators to be prepared to serve in their countries when a new disaster or crises appear.


GFSC develops didactic materials and publications that leaders of communities affected by crises and/or disasters, can use to better assist them in the processes of psychosocial recovery, as well as materials related to appropriate care of caregivers (Adults and children).

The GFSC online Library contains many articles, manuals, and workshop outlines. GFSC continually updates and adds materials to include insights and perspectives from many countries and cultures. We develop new materials and workshops based on our volunteers’ experiences and research.



GFSC can connect individuals and groups with mentors and peers in similar situations to share experiences, effective tools and techniques. We also offer online discussions with experts in various topics.

GFSC seeks opportunities to work with other organizations that advocate sustainable community development. By working together we share resources and expertise, support mutual goals, and increase public awareness.