An international network of volunteer facilitators, at the service of the communities, especially those affected by crises and disasters..

An international network of facilitators, who volunteer their services to communities, especially those affected by crises and disasters.


Global Facilitators Serving Communities (GFSC) trains, supports, mentors and collaborates with communities and individuals to enhance local resources and skills that build community resilience and self-reliance.
We believe that every community has tools and skills for improving their resilience. Often these strengths need to be identified, refined and encouraged. GFSC is committed to the development of, and reliance on, these local resources as much as possible. Worldwide, GFSC helps local facilitators create processes that increase capacity, sustainability and participation in their communities, agencies and organizations.
GFSC also provides opportunities for volunteers and communities to share experiences and successful methods across cultures and borders. In this way, GFSC contributes to our vision: a world of resilient and collaborative communities.




19 May

Job opportunity with GFSC

GFSC is looking for a Community Manager, on a project basis (to increase traffic of views, users, and shared content), from any location, with…

12 Jul

Bridges to Ukraine. Sybil Stershic

Feeling overwhelmed by work responsibilities? I was until … I got perspective. And it hit me hard. The other day I participated in an…

09 Oct

GFSC in Facilitation Summit 2021 – IAF

If you want to continue developing as a facilitator and learn about the work of experienced and recognized facilitators from the 5 continents, this…

21 Apr

Crisis – Change – Choice virtual workshop

In the pandemic era, every community has experienced crisis. GFSC has designed and is currently delivering a special virtual format of its Crisis-Change-Choice workshop…



Creating resilience to face the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela

The authors of this story, Miriam, Susana and Holy Castillo Perdigón, GFSC volunteers, narrate the work carried out by them with teachers from the Universidad Catolica Santa Rosa, in Caracas, between May and June 2019. The purpose of the intervention was to train teachers as multipliers capable of leading the psychosocial and resilience strengthening…

The tear of the firefighters when not being able to do more…

According to María Francia Utard, GFSC volunteer and author of this testimony, one of the most shocking experiences in the psychosocial reconstruction work was when she worked with the Fire Department, in the city of Constitución, after the earthquake that struck Chile in February 2010, along with another volunteer, Enrique Rabajille. The author tells…