Bridges to Ukraine. Sybil Stershic

Feeling overwhelmed by work responsibilities? I was until …
I got perspective. And it hit me hard.

The other day I participated in an online discussion with a core group of indefatigable volunteer members of GFSC (Global Facilitators Serving Communities, and several Ukrainian facilitators/consultants. This meeting was held to better understand the challenges they face and how we might help each other.

Note: The session is part of a series of supporting discussions that follow up GFSC’s online workshop, “Crisis > Change > Choice: Building Personal & Community Resilience,” recently held for Ukrainian facilitators.

Stories were shared of their frustrations in finding work opportunities in foreign countries as displaced professionals where they’re viewed as refugees. I find it difficult to imagine their experiences:
– escaping the trauma of war while continuing to worry about family and friends who remain in the Ukraine
– adapting to different cultures, languages, business customs
– uncertain of how long they’ll stay and when/if they can return home
– struggling to be respected as professionals; as one participant commented, I’m dealing with who I was then vs. who I am now.”

Their stories reflected amazing resilience. Nonetheless, I can’t imagine not helping them.

One of the ideas that emerged from our discussion – one I’m excited to engage in – involves reaching out to colleagues in selective professional and personal networks to make helpful connections.
If you’re interested and want to learn more, including attending the next GFSC-Ukraine online discussion, please email

And while I’m still overwhelmed by work, I have a different perspective given what I learned from my peers in the Ukraine. As the saying goes “It’s all relative” … and it’s worth helping where we can.