• GFSC Helps Rebuild Communities

    Global Facilitators Serving Communities Helps Rebuild Communities

  • Facilitating regrowth in Communities through Resources and Education

    Facilitating regrowth in Communities through Resources and Education

Helping communities strengthen their resilience in times of crisis and change

Global Facilitators Serving Communities (GFSC) trains, supports, mentors and collaborates with communities and individuals to enhance local resources and skills that build community resilience and self-reliance.

We believe that every community has tools and skills for improving resilience that often need to be identified, refined and encouraged. GFSC is committed to the development of, and reliance on, these local resources as much as possible. Worldwide, GFSC helps local facilitators create processes that increase capacity, sustainability and participation in their communities, agencies and organizations.

GFSC also provides opportunities for volunteers and communities to share experiences and successful methods across cultures and borders. In this way GFSC contributes to our vision: a world of resilient and collaborative communities.

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