Our Framework

GFSC encourages the development of, and reliance on, local resources – the tools and skills that already exist in every community to strengthen their resilience and self-reliance particularly addressing chronic problems, change and crisis . We help local facilitators in many countries create processes that increase capacity, sustainability and participation in their communities, agencies and organizations.

GFSC Cascade Model

We train, mentor and coach an initial group of professionals, who then share these tools and techniques with an ever-expanding base of community members to increase the community’s resourcefulness to address their challenges.


GFSC can connect individuals and groups with mentors and peers in similar situations to share experiences, effective tools and techniques. We also offer online discussions with experts in various topics.

Collaborative Opportunities

GFSC seeks opportunities to work with other organizations that advocate sustainable community development. By working together we share resources and expertise, support mutual goals, and increase public awareness.