Crisis-Change-Choose Workshop in Caracas

The Crisis – Change – Choose workshop was held with great success at the “Universidad Catolica Santa Rosa” in Caracas, on May 25 and June 8, It was facilitated by Miriam, Susana and Holy Castillo, of “MCP Desarrollo Humano” and volunteer facilitators of GFSC. The participants in the workshop, about 20 Professors and other member of this institution, expressed their satisfaction with the training and experience lived during these two days, as well as their willingness to apply what they learned to facilitate a better management of the crisis in the diverse estates of the educational community. Those who wish to do so can count on the mentoring of our volunteers in the design and execution of their action plans for that purpose. The Board team of GFSC sincerely thanks the University for its strong support for the realization of this project and recognizes the commitment, dedication and excellent work as facilitators of Miriam, Susana and Holy.