Seminar in Bogotá

sep2016-gfscnews1ximena20160921Our President, Ximena Combariza introduced the GFSC organization and community resilience-building model at a seminar, “Social Intervention in Post Conflict Scenario”, organized by Universidad Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca in Bogotá, Colombia. About 100 people attended, mostly social workers, students and professors, from different Universities in Colombia.

We are very happy to share this overview of the GFSC experience and effective strategies with professionals who work with communities and groups affected by crisis and disaster, particularly how our model can apply to internal refugees and reintegration of former combatants to civil society.

Organizers of the seminar invited the attending professors and GFSC to create a network of Universities working in social intervention in post conflict. We are excited to be part of this endeavor.

And you can help, too. Several people at the seminar have asked how they can become GFSC  volunteers. Attending the GFSC Crisis>Change>Choice (3 day) workshops is essential to this effort. Your donation will make a difference!  A $100 donation will sponsor one workshop participant who can then share these techniques to assist communities in need.

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