Nepal: Requests for GFSC Support

Hands on a globe

At this moment when search and rescue efforts are paramount, GFSC is beginning a global effort to prepare facilitators and community leaders to respond to community needs in the months ahead. Toward this end, GFSC is in contact with ICA (Institute of Cultural Affairs) to arrange for GFSC Crisis > Change > Choice workshops as a service project. Also, GFSC is exploring the possibilities of workshops at the ICA Regional conference in India in November, as well as discussing opportunities for workshops with ICA Japan. IAF (International Association of Facilitators), has contacted GFSC to discuss possibilities for assisting communities in Nepal.

We are reviewing and updating GFSC workshop materials to include more local experiences and highlight real people who exemplify resilience.

GFSC Board member, Mark Pixley, is creating a Facebook page specifically for Nepalese with information about GFSC, our model for coping with and moving forward post-disaster. This page will include an invitation for local (Asia-based) facilitators and community leaders (e.g., teachers, clergy, company and neighborhood leaders) to participate in a GFSC workshop that will give them insight into the grief and personal recovery process as well as tools and techniques to recognize and implement successful strategies for moving forward as individuals and as a community . We are reaching out to the Nepalese community to find a translator for relevant GFSC manuals and workshop materials. In May, Mark will also meet with other international facilitator organizations active in Asia, including IAF, ICA and GFSC to assess possibilities of coordinating efforts.

These GFSC efforts need your support:

Delivering these workshops include

  • translating and printing manuals and other workshop materials;
  • arranging for workshop venues;
  • travel, room and board expenses for workshop leaders.

In non-disaster situations, workshop participants’ tuition offset some of these costs, but in this case, we want to offer these workshops at no charge to participants, as we do in all disaster situations. If you know of a corporation or foundation that would be interested in underwriting some of these expenses, we would be grateful for your recommendations and assistance to secure funding. And we are grateful for your individual support as well. We appreciate any and all donations. Go to and click on the Donate button.