Our Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles

Our Vision

To live in a world of resilient and
collaborative communities.

GFSC is dedicated to enhancing local resources and skills.

GFSC believes that people and communities are capable of self-determination and that facilitation is an effective catalyst to build, rebuild and sustain self-reliant communities. By sharing our knowledge, experience and caring, we enable communities, agencies and organizations to identify and achieve their goals.

Our Mission

GFSC provides mentoring, methods and materials
for communities to strengthen their resilience
in times of crisis and change.

GFSC connects people across cultures and borders to actively exchange methods for building resilient, self-reliant communities. We conduct workshops focused on Building Community Resilience as well as Virtual Mentoring After Disaster using culturally appropriate techniques. Upon request, we also address unique situations, developing/selecting appropriate materials and topics as needed.

We provide free materials for volunteer community facilitators, agencies, organizations and communities in our online library. We invite those in the GFSC Network to participate in continuous learning and sharing.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Build Capacity: increase individual and community knowledge and competence
  • Motivate Participation: so that each group member contributes his/her unique perspective
  • Mainatin Neutrality: in all our work with no political or religious agenda
  • Promote Sustainability: share strategies, skills and techniques to meet future challenges
  • Serve Communities in Need: even if they lack sufficient resources to pay for our services
  • Mentor Local Networks: to meet the needs in their own communities
  • Encourage Altruism: so that volunteers develop opportunities that improve the quality of community life
  • Take Care of Ourselves and Each Other: to accept, to learn, to grow as individuals and as a community