Ximena Combariza Echeverri

Ximena Combariza Echeverri

Being a facilitator is a way of life. I use facilitation in all my working activities. I always tell my students: “As a teacher, I try to be, a good facilitator.” That means I always use active learning techniques to bring out the best in each student and in each group. I avoid telling them what I know (or I think I know); I encourage them to recognize what they know or what they could know, if they work hard and share their ideas, beliefs, questions, etc.

I believe that there is an enormous potential in everyone and every human team. I rely on this belief and allow this potential to emerge; once it does people will build what they want/need to build.

My work activities are focused on consulting with organizations, teaching at the University and volunteer work with Global Facilitators Serving Communities: I consult with and facilitate organizational development and human resources management programs, with a variety of public, private and non profit organizations. I also teach post-graduate courses at several Colombian Universities; subjects include human resources processes, organizational culture, team work, leadership, managing development, and corporate social responsibility. As Latin American Coordinator for Global Facilitators Serving Communities, I lead workshops, develop materials, mentor and consult with communities and organizations throughout Latin America.

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